Hex Bear

A community and token for hex bears. Creating volatility for maximum potential through community led buy and burn. Aimed at aggressive expansion.

Hex Bear is a Hex derivative with future plans for buy and burns.

Gathering the best parts of DeFi development under one roof to support constant growth is the main focus of Hex Bear. Making education a necessary part of the Hex Bear community and incentivizing good work will expand it's user base faster than any community ever formed.

Hex Bear was launched in a hex bear market with very low liquidity to give early adopters a good price. All available supply was put on uniswap V1 and given to interested Hex holders.

Uniswap V2/V3 pools were established with very low liquidity to give early purchasers a good price.

2,648,991,840 Hex Bear has been sent to the contract address and will be in this address forever.

The creator address held 9.4%. These Hxb were moved at an opportune time to many other addresses. The HXB in these addresses will be reserved for liquidity, future buy and burns and proprietary airdrops.

Coinology and road map

- - Deflationary - Trustless - Immutable -

- Product of HexBear - A fork of battle-tested, bug free and successful Erc 20 tokens -

- First and most liquid pair - Hxb/Hex -

The supply minted in the beginnning will be the only supply.

Hex Bear is deflationary and will only become more scarce as the team and community burn the supply. Without pressure of inflation and other externalities, Hex Bear can thrive in bear markets and outperform in bull markets.

The available supply was intitially provided to the exchange of Uniswap V1 being that it was the cheapest pair to create at the time. All interested Hex holders were able to buy and sell the token as they please.

The first and most liquid pair appears to be the HXB/HEX pair. Swaps made on uniswap will route through Hex before HXB, displaying Hex on the autorouter for marketing as well as boosting the Hex price from new buyers who don't own Hex.

Decentralized and Team/Community buy and burns are what make Hex Bear so scarce. A group of addresses called "Bear Addresses" will accumulate tokens from community and team additions only. The most important and first wallets are #1 and #2. These addresses will act in the best manner for the community and token by using only %50 of the inflation earned for buy and burns.

Bear Address #1


The bear address #1 posted, has started it's first 15 year stake. The community and team funded this stake through generous donations and

. This first stake and all other stakes in this address will strategically mint Hedron for buy and burns. Any other Hex sent to this address will accumulate until the address decides to stake. If Hex is worth more to Hex Bear holders in value than the Hedron that can be minted, it will not mint Hedron through Hex stakes. All tokens or assets sent to this address will be controlled by this address and this address only.

The next stake started by this address will be much larger and shorter.

All stakes started in the first bear wallet will be controlled by the address only.

Bear Address #2

This wallet’s purpose is to hold hex and stake for the amounts and length agreed upon by the community through voting.

BEAR ADDRESS #2 Not yet released

Bear wallet #2 will function a lot like the #1 address. The main difference is that this address will be controlled by the community through a decentralized voting contract.

The community will operate every function of the the stakes except for the mint and buy and burn functions. Only %50 of the inflation earned on stakes in this address will be used to buy and burn HXB. Effectively holding up the Hex price and Hex Bear price.

The Bear address #2 exists to hold and stake only hex and may buy and burn Hxb.

This address will aquire hex from community additions only. The first stake will start when the total has reached 1 t-share. All other additions will be added to the next stake.

When a stake comes to an end, a community member must run the good accounting feature to end the stake. Bear Wallet #2 will then at some point mint the coins.

50% of the inflation earned on the stake will be used to buy and burn Hxb. The other 50% will be added to current amount in the wallet to be staked.

This address may never sell hex or hxb. It may never hold hxb or any other token besides hex.

A second Bear Wallet will be posted in the future.( In 2 weeks or two months from 3/20/2022 )

1,000 people pulling the same rope is more effective than 1,000 people pulling 1,000 ropes.


Hex Staking

#1: Hex has to do well for Hex Bear to grow.

Limit Orders


Bear Address donations

Sacrifice of time

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Register an account over at to reply to the HexBear topic with an eth address to qualify for points.

Leader Board (will be updated soon)

Paste your address into the section above or look for your name.

Sacrifice of time

been moved to

Register an account over at to reply to the HexBear topic with an eth address to qualify for points.

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